Many entrepreneurs rarely stop to work out what they need to build a venture. Understandably, most of them simply want to get on with the task of creating value through a new idea or innovation. So they seldom slow to consider how to properly appeal to financiers or design an organization that supports their growth ambitions.

But they should. Innovation has as much to do with good execution as with the search for opportunity. There may be no simple recipe for producing successful innovations to order, but there is something to learn from experience. Determining the best business model is important. So are financially and operationally organizing the venture to pave the way for later success. And good marketing and branding are not garnishes. That is where we come in. We have served as advisors, networkers, and practitioners in three critical areas of assistance to ventures:

We tell you what you need to know. That includes not only market intelligence to better understand the marketplace, but also business models that can be successful in it as well as some things that you might not want to hear, but need to.

We introduce you to who you should know. We have a network of financiers and venture experts whose experiences run from the government to Hollywood.

We help get you from here to there. We can take an active role in building ventures, serving in temporary executive and operational roles to help implement strategy. Our principals have had broad experience working with a range of start-up companies.

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